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No one now will undertake to count the number of existing games.If in the 80 th it was still possible, now it is fantastic.In part, this was not only due to the development of the gaming industry, which produces more and more games, but because of the large number of amateur studios, or simply individuals who write the game.Of course, a game made in makeshift conditions, will not qualify for high marks in terms of graphics or engine.But let's think, and is it always necessary?We can recall a bunch of games in the genre of adventure, which are schedule 80's (and it's done on purpose), but come with surprising regularity and success.You can call it nostalgia, because before the lack of graphics and other modern "bloat" replaced an excellent plot, which is so lacking in games of this generation.But there are also games that lack not only the graphics, but the story.Gameplay and game physics as such either.Well, you say, there are disappointments in life, even bison games industry produced a failed project.But all is not so.The main highlight is that in the "empty" in terms of manufacturability games it's completely unnecessary!One such game is the game "balls."And now it finally understood.No Plot?But why?The eye does not please a pretty picture?It would only spoil the game.Balls game simple as two pennies.They do not need to kill anyone, to run on the boring and sometimes useless errands playable characters by completing various quests ... many people do not need.But, nevertheless, the main thing still can not get away, and the only thing that still need to do - to enjoy the game.And at the first sight looks simple games, hidden surprises.Balls online game require the player the ability to logically and to think strategically, to build a strategy game, be careful.Dalliance this game does not suffer, and you paid dearly for his neglect of her.After all, if you do not take it seriously, and play with a bang, it can strike at self-esteem.Try your hand, and play balls for free you can on our website.Online play balls like children who are using the attention and logic, can beat even the parents.Teach your children to play ball online, and soon they will surpass you, your teachers.This after all, is the meaning of education itself.Try this game and you will be pleasantly surprised by the abundance of opportunities that are hidden under the mask of simplicity and ease.Many hours can be spent playing, requiring ingenuity and the need to think, and this is known to not harm anyone else.

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