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Adults are never pleased.If a young man is quiet, calm, never let anyone hurt and avoids fights, parents begin to worry that he will not be able to defend itself, it will all be hurt, and it will grow meek and timid.It is written in the section on the fight and expect quick results.If the boy wasted all stocks of green fodder in her parents and neighbors if downed knees do not have time to heal, the body is covered with scars and art serves as a reminder of previous fights, and the girls in the yard call him likable bully, adults begin to sound the alarm in every way in order to re-educate.Fighting for the boys - it's a natural part of growing up.Even when the boy does not take part in them personally, he likes to play fight game begins as soon as teaching them the basics of computer technology.This is not a sign of aggression or a desire to punish someone.This behavior is easily explained by the echoes of the genes incorporated into it more by our ancestors, who were forced to develop the qualities of a warrior needed to protect its people and land area.Today, when the need no longer, fight moved into the category of sports, but remain unchecked echoes negative phenomenon of street fighting.To satisfy his natural nature in peaceful manner will help fight games that are on the Internet in a wide variety.Masters sumo zdyudo, karate and other martial arts are offering their skills mastery of combat, as a weapon against the enemy or as a sporting event.Of unknown characters you meet and friends - Naruto, Panda and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.Often used in combat sports weapons (nunchaku, swords, sticks, etc.) or the materials at hand.And to make it even more interesting to play, invite a friend to the process and arrange a real sparring.Managing their virtual fighters, you can be the best and set a record for points.In this case, none of you suffer physically and will not take offense to unsportsmanlike conduct during the battle.You can play in the fight as the flash games and a realistic simulator with strict control and different capabilities.But after reaching a certain rank, you will have new skills and be able to fight even more professionally.Boxing inspires only true connoisseurs.Enter the ring, you can count only on themselves.A little practice, your technique will become more accurate and bring victory.You can look at it from another angle, firing on the area boxers cows - then you are guaranteed a fun and a portion of humor.Fighting games free offer to become one of the greatest athletes to win Olympic gold.But playing with street fights also not uncommon and you can take it out on a computer character for all the wrongs of real life.There are even versions where you just have to beat innocent person in what politicians and movie stars.As far as it is morally in terms of good parenting only judge you.If such a mess you sicken, become a knight and battle enemies in a fair fight with swords, swords or sabers.Play games fights much better than asking for trouble in real life.Each case can be turned into a farce, but it can be raised to the rank of noble deeds.Ability to master the martial arts never hurts and helps protect the weak, to stand up for the girl and punish troublemakers.By themselves, the game - it's just a pastime, passion and following the natural instincts.Playing them, you just relax.

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