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Man has always wanted to conquer the sky and tried to solve the mystery of the flight of birds.Dream in imagination various options and legends are born and stories.Fantasy bestowed man winged creatures - Pegasus, harpies, eagles, dragons, riding which could fly in the clouds.Sometimes it was the magical objects - the winged sandals, a magic carpet, a stupa, a broom.The legend of Icarus, who in spite of the gods created maholeta and use it soared into the sky, but was defeated, but rather is instructive, making it clear that the sky does not belong to man.But if people listened to the voice again, he would never have learned to fly.Failure of one inventor prevent mistakes others.Step by step, mankind still subdued air space, and continues to develop its already far beyond our own planet.Today aviation serves people in various fields: transporting people across oceans, lifts weights in the sky, is used in rescue operations and fire.During the war planes were one of the main weapons, fighting in the sky with the enemy or dropping bombs on the ground, destroying its strategic assets.In peacetime flying to master in a niche sport, and allows you to play games online Fly.Apart deltaplanirizma where you have to show stunts, you can jump with a parachute.These jumps are accompanied by a number of tasks, but the most important and logical conclusion of the jump is the exact landing in the designated place on the ground.Military themes virtual world offers a huge choice of subjects, where control of the aircraft and keeping them to fight is the main mission.Flash games and military simulators vying offer themselves for inspection.Choosing a realistic simulator, you will have the unique opportunity to become a brave pilot, who must not only do the job, but also to survive.You can turn on the autopilot during the free flight, but when you need to juggle between your missiles fired at the enemy, there is only your reaction and ability to operate manually will ensure victory.Option airliner will fly on instruments.Peaceful sky, too, sometimes unpredictable and, once in a storm cloud, it is necessary to be able to bring the aircraft out of it unscathed.Airships - these flammable giants are no longer used (except for advertising), but they were once the foundation of aviation.Try to become a pilot, and feel like a famous explorer Umberto Nobile, fly on an airship "Norge".Play Fly online can rescue helicopters to MOE.Evacuate victims from burning forests, shipwrecked passengers over the ocean, stuck in the snowy mountains of rock climbers and other people in trouble.The kids loved the game management Baba Yaga on a broom or Harry Poterrom, magic carpet tales of Aladdin, in catching hearts angels, fairies, birds, dragons and flying saucers.Going on a long journey between the stars, become a Space Ranger, a pirate or merchant.Fly With games now you can fly not only in a dream, and clearly.Levitation - a flight without other aids.How nice to float in the air a bird, when you do not hold down anything!Choose a game to taste and to conquer the heavens.In this section you will find plenty of opportunities to become a pilot of an aircraft carrier, passenger aircraft, helicopters, spacecraft.Or ride a fabulous means of flight and become the hero of one of the tales.

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