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No matter how we tried to balance the interests of girls and boys, claiming that times have changed and now men are not soldiers, and women are not housewives, but experience shows that the path of each is still legible.Now let the girls rushed into the business, got behind the wheel of the car and fight in a boxing ring, but nobody canceled child care!Let the young men no longer have to go hunting for prey and go on the warpath with the other tribe, but still other ways to express the voice of the ancestors.These are unique products of cinema, computer games for boys online, as well as sports and the military.To the interests of the boys are still fighting, football, shooting and racing.They are proud of whipped knees, scars, and acquired a reputation in the yard strongman.Even if the girls regularly drop in the boys category, it still remains in the possession of a strong half.It is their kingdom, where they live and they manage - a boy!Mass shooters noise and buzzing in anticipation of his hero-leader, who will lead them, they will pave the way and defeat the enemy.Ranging from medieval knights and finishing units with magical abilities, the characters remain stationary, if not wait for their commander.The army rarely go after the girl.Only the brave and stern commander can lead to death, even if virtual, an army.Fights are equally interesting and were placed in a separate genre - the "fight."Moving to locations, draw your character throughout the game field and help him overcome all the dangers that will meet along the way.Among the famous heroes you'll meet brave Naruto, ninja turtles panda.Many unknowns, but no less active participants in fights, are also present in full.Sumo wrestlers, samurai, karate or just bullies, brawlers perform actors.Games for boys offer to beat different situations.On the way you will encounter enemies in addition to objective, many different evil.Zombies, vampires, monsters, different backgrounds and space invaders attacking our world, and your job is to clear it of fallen down on the head of infection.This topic, you can develop a mini games or simulators, where every minute counts, and to survive, you have to be not only smart, but cunning and clever.Games for boys and develop a sports theme.Racing, wrestling, football and hockey, skydiving, competition for water, land and in the air - this brief outline of the whole block games on sports subjects.Each destination offers a lot of scenarios.For example, only one race could be in cars, tractors, trucks, tanks, planes, skis, bikes, motorcycles and other transport modes.Boys can easily become Captain Nemo or Jack Sparrow, and the choice to develop the story in different directions.And becoming a Space Ranger, merchant, pirate or rebel, you can surf the endless expanse of the sky ink, doing a noble cause or attacking and robbing.Fishing and hunting - these two passions boys adults and those who are just on the way to adulthood.Instinct getter turns his head and does not let go without a catch.The graphics and overall design of games is always different, but the color and volume are not the main parameters, which owe money.Game where the black-and-white men-match fight with swords, can captivate even more than the three-dimensional version of the battle in the chart.

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