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This page contains the best quest games online for free. To start the quest games online in Russian, just select the game and press the «Start».

Almost every game contains elements of the quest, but it is most clearly seen in the games with expanded storyline, numerous levels and tasks.The name "Quest» (quest) means the search.Search have items out, differences.In this game of this genre include many other tasks that are inherent in the subject matter and provided the script.Thus, at different stages you have to combine found objects and put them on the board, put puzzles, which can take the form of scraps of notes, photos or drawings.Pipeline or cable connection too common occurrence in the quests.Balancing the scales, the arrangement of figures in the right places, unraveling the code searches for the specified amount of similar items - they are also very common.The game requires the player to focus and logic thinking.Performing an action, it must be remembered that it raises other possibilities that are opened after.In the quest games there is no random steps - they are all links in a chain of logical actions, and not by one of them, you can not go on.This genre is very popular among gamers of different generations and does not belong to one sex.By his willingness to seek players curious and adventurous.You have the opportunity on our gaming website in quest games online free to play around the clock.Originally "Quest" was the proper name for a series of games developed by the U.S. company Sierra Entertainment, but later transformed into a genre category, which has moved far beyond the boundaries of his country, and now the game quests in Russian can be happy and us.Like any genre, quests have their own categories and can be identified: graphic adventure, puzzle, exit the room and the action adventure (action-adventure).You yourself can make sure that the shooter has the elements necessary quest jobs associated with the solution of some problems.Frequent in quests and dialogues.They serve as a kind of a clue or clues to what you need to do.Characters put to you a mission that is the key to progress through the game to the next step.For each age created their games, the player was fun to play and perform tasks in line with the age category.Children enthusiastically communicate with cartoon characters, but the older generation of gamers gladly embark on a journey through mysterious sites of ancient civilizations, sink to the seabed wreck or wander among the temples and pyramids of Egypt, Greece and Rome.Reading of ancient manuscripts and solving puzzles in the spirit of ancient delivers a lot of pleasant moments and plunges into the atmosphere of past centuries.Play online quests particularly interesting, since the games in this genre always stand out colorful and unique atmosphere created, not in the least, and the musical overlay.Often online quest games are endowed economic elements - found artifacts can sell and buy a new outfit or interior details.Humor while playing online quests create a fun atmosphere and catch the attention of many.Play without a smile from Masyanya you do not get, and it makes the process a kind of charm.Masyanya charismatic nature attracts not only kids, but also quite experienced gamers older.Quest of games you will find different themes: funny, philosophical, mystical, fantasy, and more.

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