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It so happened that in the range of children's toys is certainly imitation firearms and bladed weapons.Not that my childhood was a difficult child, but kids love to copy adults, and adults just not played enough pistols and continue to represent the bloody showdown in film and literature.What's so surprising when one year old toddler has on his arms and machine guns of different caliber in options make sounds or water based.Grandfather and uncles, aunts and grandmothers with their own parents happy to buy him a new fun, symbolic weapon.We do not see this as no catch, and the children are hardly ready to give up the noisy, spitting and glowing lights toys just because its realistic analogue deprives life.After all, the really important thing is not the very existence of weapons, and the relation to its use.Not yet eradicated the evil in man, so far can not dream to get rid of weapons, which is the guardian of state borders, legislating foreign aggression and fights crime in the country.Online Games Shooting striking example of popularity and interest in weapons.Its use is played up in different versions and then throws us into the history of war, then draws a fantastic plots, or offering to demonstrate accuracy in sports.Geography shooters too broad and allows use weapons under water, in the air, on land and in the fantasy world.The form and the caliber of equipment due to the place of application.With planes, you shoot machine guns, missiles or produce bomb, hitting the enemy in close combat and destroy the earth.War through the submarine has its own nuances, and released a torpedo will seek the enemy in depth.But a special variety of different weapons used on the ground.His transfer is not easy, as even the name "gun", "automatic" or "rifle" is not limited by these terms.But the fantastic plots show imagination of their creators, creating instruments that are not in reality, but its amazing ability to break down the molecules and atoms, to turn the matter into other forms, igniting light or freeze some ray.Shooting - this realistic simulator and mini games.Depending on the expected effects and ways to display, select option gameplay itself.If you wish, join the military orders, and has performed with them in the campaign, mission command.When successful outcome, you can get a new title, reward and improve your soldier and his gun.The mini-games also have their charms.Play shooting games with limited functionality is easier and can be covered in one night many games.And the variety of topics they do not lack and offer to deal with enemies in different conditions.Even the guy with a parachute is not a hindrance to the process to shoot the enemy population.But once in space, hit by train in flying saucers, asteroids and other objects.Shooting games online arm you and slingshots, brass pipes and bows.Becoming a Robin Hood or Indian arrows can break the rope on which hang hanged men or mark in the apple on a man's head.Can still be a little bit to make a row and shoot crows, bottles, cans, balls and witch on a broom with a slingshot.If you woke up in the athlete, then go to the shooting range or a playground for airsoft, paintball or lazerbola Shooting games for free.

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