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Millions of years ago our planet was inhabited by huge dinosaurs - dinosaurs, some of them were peaceful and ate leaves and grass, such as diplodocus, triceratops and brontosaurus. Others were bloodthirsty predators and hunted them for other dinosaurs. The best-known predator of the dinosaur era is the Tyrannosaurus. Most dinosaurs were huge, and some of them really reached epic proportions. For example, brontosaurus could reach ten meters in height, thirty in length and weighs up to thirty-two tons! Among the predators can list: Allosaurus, megalosaur, Ceratosaurus, but the most "notorious" of course, is the Tyrannosaurus. Tyrannosaurus was a long, twelve meters tall and weighed about five to six tons. He had a huge jaw with strong teeth, binocular vision and incredibly sensitive olfactory organs. In conjunction with the powerful hind legs all this makes it a perfect predator! Dinosaurs are the heroes of a huge number of films and a large number of cartoons. Dinosaurs are members of both artistic and documentary films. One of the most famous is the film "Jurassic Park." And in today's digital world the dinosaurs are the heroes of many computer and flash games. Flash games dinosaurs provide a number of opportunities. You can run around the city, playing a T. rex, and tear down, crush everything in its path. In some games, your Tyrannosaurus is in prison, you have to release it, and then have dinner and catch offenders, people. But do not worry, people eating T. rex will not affect the number of people on the planet, all remain safe and sound! Also, the best flash games dinosaurs on our website offer you to play funny and fun quests. Move from level to level and achieve their goals. You can feed his dinosaur fruit and vegetables, have a race between dinosaurs and more. Most cool mini-games about dinosaurs on our website http: // game24. ru / available for anyone and everyone. Here you will find games about dinosaurs for every taste. Come and play any of the mini games about dinosaurs for free!

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Online Games Dinosaurs - play for free

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