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Tekken - the most famous game in the world in the fighting game genre. In the market it is a very long time, so the game has already acquired a huge number of his fans and admirers across the globe. Well, who among today's young people have not heard of Tekken? And many probably spent many hours playing your favorite fighting game. The game was created in 1994 for video game consoles, then, one by one out of the next game. Despite the fact that each new part is more perfect than the previous one, it is the most famous game Tekken 3. The third part of the game was a true legend and a hit of its time. Ease of use, bright and charismatic characters, a large number of techniques and styles, the ability to play with friends -pozvolilo Tekken remain in the hearts of fans of the genre for many years. What we so attracted to the game Tekken? The first thing to say about the selection of characters and styles. Selection of the characters in the game is large enough and each of them is characterized by its unique style and a huge number of devices. You can choose from a samurai sword Ёsimittsu; Huaranga owning tekvando; Eddie, the thrower of his rivals in the beautiful style of combat-dance Kapuero; professional wrestler King, constantly fighting in the lion's mask; Jin Kazama, who owns the classic style of karate; Anna Williams with her deadly assassin techniques, as well as many others. Particularly vivid and memorable characters are fighters animals, among which should be allocated a large furry panda and a little funny Dragon Gong. Now, the best online mini game Tekken is available on our website. Here you will find the various options of the game, ranging from the classic fighting game and ending with different logical interpretations, such as assembling a puzzle. In an embodiment, flash games handed styles, techniques and the characters, so the mini game is an excellent substitute for a full, or even with a number of advantages. Such as, for example, undemanding to resources and parameters of computer accessibility and usability. You can play the game Tekken on our website online, pre-loading it in a few seconds. A cool flash game Tekken fighting game in Classic mode on our web site gives you the opportunity to choose any of the most popular characters in the game and destroy opponents with it. And best of all that on our website http: // game24. ru / game is available for free. So go at any time and enjoy your favorite game.

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Tekken games - play for free

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