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Flash games online for free Thor on our site! Choose games Thor save the world with the beloved hero of the film and comic book.

Flash games online for free Thor is based on a character from the popular comic books, cartoons and movies - the Torah. Thor - the god of thunder and lightning in Norse mythology, the son of Odin and goddess of the Earth. But the Torah has brought worldwide fame comic book series from the company Marvel. Thor is the son of the supreme god of Asgard - Odin and goddess of earth Gaia. Thor from a young age stood outstanding abilities and skills. For 8 years One gave his son a hammer, has magical powers, but with one condition. Thor will be able to use a hammer when prove his actions and deeds, that he is perfect and noble warrior. Thor has a half-brother Loki, who adopted one. Loki is jealous of the Torah, as he in all his superior, and the Torah always gets all the glory. This tied the complex relationship between the brothers. Thor owns a number of superpowers, including: the ability to fly, super-strength, incredible agility, the ability to reflect and apply the attack on the super-speed, superhuman endurance, the ability to summon lightning, hypersensitivity of the senses (sight, hearing). And the use of the hammer also enhances the action of the Torah abilities. As well as the hammer allows Thor to open portals between worlds. Thor is one of the most popular comic book characters, and ranks 14th in the list of Top 250 most popular superheroes. Due to this in 2011, based on the comic was filmed the movie "Thor", which tells the story asgardskogo god. Was angry with his father, Thor falls to Earth and discovers a new world, his goal - to bring back the lost respect and love of fellow, well, at the same time to save the world from the evil ice giants. Flash game Thor - a world of adventure with the famous movie character. Save the world with Odinsonom (English son of Odin), fighting against Loki or ice giants. These games are made in the genre of arcade games and allow you to pass from one level to crush all in its path. The forces at Tora great, but remember that in the games even demigod stamina is not unlimited. The best flash games Thor also allow you to take part in the battles in the fighting game genre with other famous characters. For example, fighting Thor and Hulk. The relationship between these characters are not sufficiently simple, so help throw the Torah all his anger on the battlefield. Original Game Tor can help you have a great time. The atmosphere of these games is very pleasant and unobtrusive, you run and beat all the others. It's simple and fun! Therefore, all fans of the game Thor online, visit our website http: // game24. ru / and enjoy your favorite games!

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