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Shooter game genre can safely be called one of the most popular.Here are a gamer feels the passions everywhere around him dangerous and need to be alert at any time to give an adequate response to the attacks of vicious enemies.Many games are created with the paramilitary action plot.Heroes fall into enemy territory, they are surrounded by other people all over the soldiers with machine guns, powerful tanks, helicopters overhead prowl.The player's task is not only to shoot as many opponents and destroy their base, but also to preserve the life of his own character.Game action can be called compound shooters and brodilok.Protagonist constantly moving forward, it will go towards new enemies, and he has to shoot them, clearing a road to the main goal.Mission carried out in these games can be very different.From the banal to the explosion of enemy strong point, to save the world from imminent disaster.So, for example, these games can be one of the few survivors of the zombie uprising.The city streets are full of hideous corpses, but in the hands of the hero is a reliable rifle, with which he takes down their heads, trying to get into the last bastion of free men or to the secret base from which you can destroy all the zombies at once.Often the action genre connects with a fantastic story.For example, the aliens attacked the Earth, capture and enslave the people.Only daring gamers to avoid destruction of mankind.He spends his character in different parts of the game world, collecting valuable artifacts shoots aliens destroy their spaceships.Action games are full of violence, but they also require the ability to think strategically, to develop his character.Almost all flash games are divided into individual rounds, in which the hero has to perform a specific task - to destroy a certain number of enemies or get to a specific place on the game map.When this is done, you can go to a special shop and spend money earned in-game bonuses to buy new equipment, ammunition, develop their fighting skills.If not, the passage of more complex levels will simply be impossible.Often, the process of improving the combat efficiency goes right during the mission.So the hero begins the path with only a knife, but eventually it will come across more powerful weapons - pistols, machine guns.Collecting them, he becomes more effective in battle and could easily perform even the most complex jobs.Test their playing skills you can in one of the action games of this site section.Ready to meet the enemy face to face and show him by their composure?

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