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Akinator game was created in 2007 by 2 French programmers.It has a fairly simple rules.If you access the desired site before the player appears gin Akinator.After this, the player must think of any character.In this case, there are no restrictions.Can anyone make a, hero of a literary work or a real person, a neighbor or a well-known politician.In general, no restrictions are not available.After that comes into play akinator.He consistently gives players twenty questions.All the questions have multiple answers: "In part, I do not know", "Yes, probably," "No" "Not quite," "Probably not."After answer akinator play continues by asking a new question.Of course, the question depends on the answer the previous player.Upon completion of all issues (20 pieces) Akinator the answer.Almost always, he guesses.But if he makes a mistake, it sets a new series of questions, after which provides a new answer.If, after this series of questions the answer is not correct, Akinator again asks 20 questions at the end which gives a new answer.If after three attempts he can not guess the hidden character, he admits that he can not guess asking for information right answer.Therein lies the main highlight of the game.Akinator final answer remembers and stores with their questions.This allows him the next time to know how to answer for these options to correctly answer.Akinator is self-learning program.Every day his knowledge increased, and he answers all the more precisely, the most interesting is that it teaches the visitors.Play begins as Akinator.First sets pretty broad question.Female or male character?Imaginary or real, and soetc.Then the questions become much more concrete.In Akinatora huge database, where it remembers the answers to various questions of players.If the player answers coincide with the answers of past players, it gives them an answer that was right the last time.That is why the error Akinator asks you to name the correct answer.This will allow him to know the next time the right answer and no wrong.Of course, it can be deliberately misleading.But if you play a lot of people and a large database, the wrong answer instantly filter, and is not considered.Naturally, over time, the program to become much smarter and more accurate answers to all and more accurate.The more people play it, the better and the more her database.Invented in France, now the game works in many languages, among which there is also a Russian.

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Akinator Online Games - Play Free

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