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Aladdin brave guy from Baghdad was able to grow from a simple man in the street thieves princess, heir to the throne of the sultan.Of course, he was helped in this magic genie of the lamp, which he found in the cave - an evil wizard Jaffar he wanted to recover it, but found that only Aladdin can get a priceless treasure.When the magic lamp was in the hands of Aladdin, Jaffar would select it and leave the guy to die in a cave.But it happened otherwise - still got the lamp of Aladdin, who became friends with gin, overcome with the help of many dangers, take away the heart of Princess.Almost everyone knows the story - it was described in the Eastern tale and filmed in the beautiful Disney movie.Now it is available on many computer games.Aladdin games online are often held in the streets of the old eastern city - the main character escapes from the guards, jumping on the sales counters, swaying on the ledges sticking out of the walls, climbing on the roof.On the way, he encountered various valuable artifacts that add all sorts of health and abilities.In some games, Aladdin is in direct confrontation with the police or even by Jaffar.You can use a sword or throw at enemies different objects.Often in games with other characters involved Alladin Tales - Princess Jasmine, the Sultan, a monkey, a parrot, and gin.Very popular games for girls, in which only a princess.It can perform any mission in the palace or in the city, but for the most part, these toys are made in the genre odevalok, creating hairstyles and makeup.Young children will be interesting to play in coloring, based on scenes from the cartoon - wielding a virtual brush can transform the look of your favorite characters.Online games are made in the genre of Aladdin puzzles.They need to collect a series of several similar pictures with images of Aladdin, Jasmine, the genie, sultan, solve mysterious puzzles secret room, find important treasures in the chaos of the cave of treasure.Although the plot of the old fairy tale ends with the victory of Aladdin, Disney animators were able to continue and develop it.Were drawn by other full-length animated cartoons, animated series created.Computer games can be based on their stories.What other villain intrigues against the throne of the sultan?Perhaps the evil forces captured a super-powerful magic, and now only the really talented gamers can save Aladdin and his friends from captivity and death?Play Aladdin online is possible in this section of the site.Ready to test your skills in confrontation with black magic and with evil filth?

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