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The plot and gameplay of popular game Angry birds, is extremely simple, but amazingly fun.The player controls a special sling, charging it a bird, which then shoots the green pigs.The goal of each round is to destroy the entire structure and knock each pig.The initial levels of evil flying birds will be quite simple - pigs are in direct access and easy access to them.But jobs will gradually become more complex, the pigs will be hidden in the intricate designs that are not so easy to destroy.Must use cunning and agility to run the birds several times, by different paths.After passing the rounds will be new bird shells.Each of them has certain properties.Some fly faster, but cause less damage.Others are more serious, they are difficult to get to distant targets, but they are only one contact of destroying the very rugged.Others fly on a special path that can be used for very sophisticated levels.Angry birds online always very popular and it is not surprising that continuously creates new variations of the game.It is like new levels, in which you need to destroy even more complex and unusual design and very different games, similar only in the gameplay, but different for each playable character.They also need to run all the bombs and destroy the structure, but it may already be dog-ninja-breaking feline defensive castles, conventional cannon shells, firing at zombies.Not all games of this type to cause destruction.For example, there is a toy, which with guns need to put all the kittens in special bags.Angry birds online games you can play with and control in these games is extremely simple - using the mouse to choose the direction and strength of shot, and left click to release the projectile.Often, the first shot is just a test to adjust to the specific purpose and weapons.Then the trajectory of the birds or the nucleus remains fixed, and the player can push off from it in their next attempt.Angry Birds have become a symbol of the modern gaming industry and therefore are other games with their participation.For example, there is a puzzle in which you need to collect the same three birds in a row, card games featuring birds, playing with the search elements of the picture.Enjoy all such games can be in this section of the site.Game angry birds or other toys with a similar plot, not only will give many hours of exciting entertainment, but also give a practical understanding of the physical laws - at least the law of gravity.

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