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Animated story of the last magician Air Avatar Aang has become extremely popular, as the movie was filmed and based on it, has been released many computer games.Avatar The Last Airbender games move us into the world of four magical powers.Here, you can manage the water, creating water whips, directing water bowls, freezing water, throwing their opponents sharp icicles.The magic of the earth - is the management of the land in all its manifestations.Can be pulled out of the ground the huge boulders to build robust walls, move piles of earth and stones in the air.Fire gives his superiors tremendous power.They are able to create fireballs and crush them, even the most powerful of the building, releasing streams of fire, and even lightning.Air magic is based on managing the flow of the wind, creating jets of air.Through the magic of air you can fly through the air, riding a whirlwind round.Do cartoon characters have a lot more opportunities to use magic, than their counterparts from the mini-browser games.Although Avatar games have exactly the same division in the magical abilities, they are often limited to only a few methods, which are responsible for the individual keys on the keyboard.For example, you can play adventure games, driving Prince Zuko, Katara, Aang, Toph and complete quests levels using only one kind of magic.Such games can be based on the story of the cartoon, or tells a story of an alternative life favorite characters.For example, the player becomes one of the team members avatar and must fight off another attack the Fire Nation, to protect the peaceful settlement to punish evildoers.Play game Avatar not necessarily magic - Valiant Socco not have any magical powers, but the power of his boomerang wins any enemies.Becoming a hero computer game Socco rushing to the village to warn residents about the explosion of the dam, and the player to help him jump over the precipice, on the way to collect valuable artifacts.Games Avatar The Last Airbender created in various genres.There is even a strategic entertainment, in which you want to control one of the fortresses of people and sending them to the enemy castle fireballs, ice spear, devastating streams of stones.As in many other games based on the cartoon stories, there are many colorings odevalok, shooters, puzzles, based on Avatar.Avatar can play in this section of the site.What elements you want to manage?Will save the world, or vice versa will help the people of his fire to win?Grow your own virtual magic and enjoy the limitless possibilities of the game reality.

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