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Incarnation animated comedy in video games is a family cartoon "Horns and hooves", was released in 2006. There is nothing funnier humanized animals that make fun of human habits. The protagonist here - this fiery bull Otis, who loves having fun and dancing. He also has a hobby - riding the surf and bellowing songs himself. The plot unfolds on a farm where the animals are the secret life of the people and experience their adventures. Central to all of this "secret society" bull Bains father Otis and a mule in age - Miles. Otis is an easy way of life and constantly entertained with his Druzyaka. When the cattle yard coyotes attack led by Degom, Ben defends his yard and killed by coyotes paws. Otis now come for difficult days, as to take responsibility for the court must be it. In this time he comes to the rescue Daisy - cute cow, the farmer just settled on the farm. Along with it, his friends and a gang of boys, cows, they chased the enemy forever, and revenge for the death of Ben. Ending to this story more than happy - Otis and Daisy are married and they have a first-born, who is called Ben and Otis is the leader of the herd. In 2007 came the second part of this comedy, which is no less interesting than the first. Enjoy viewing, you can continue talking to these characters in virtual space. There are certain games with their participation, which we present on our site. In game horns and hooves to play for free at any time. They are very interesting and entertaining, despite the fact that the plot is in some way different from the prototype. Otis, for example, in games depicted as Count Dracula, who hunts for candy. During the celebration of Halloween sweets around very much, and Otis goes on their hunt. You only need to help him find his trophies, which are hidden in visible places. Kick harder, and the box together with a sheaf fly into pieces and candy gets the sweet tooth. Otis in vampire costume looks very funny and very uplifting. There are other stories of games horns and hooves. You can, for example, to drive a motorcycle at high speed, overcoming obstacles. Or very carefully, so that you have not noticed, on the farm to collect bottles of milk. Humor and fun that pervades the game horns and hooves can bestow upon you a good portion of good mood and positive emotions. Welcome to the world of good and funny artiodactyls, which you really have fun.

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Online games Horns and hooves - play for free

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