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Small roundels-hoppers are heroes of many mini-games.They participate in the action games, logic puzzles, shooters.In English they call these balls often bounce, and one of the most popular games with their participation called Bounce tales, which can be translated as "tales hoppers."Hence the name of the category in which all such games.Jumping roundels are ideal for moving on the platforms and collect various artifacts.They are mobile, easy to escape from danger and may even get into small cracks.In many games, they jump on the flower petals, tree leaves, mushroom caps.This is a truly fascinating sight - gamer though decreases with the character and discovers microcosms.In such toys opponents hoppers can be dangerous insects, snakes, carnivorous plants.Very often the hero himself does not possess any weapons, and the only thing he can do - is to jump over the evil enemies and try not to fall in their way.Sometimes hoppers-bounce use the classic technique of the famous Mario and jump on the heads of enemies.This is an effective method, but it can not occur in all games and not all opponents.Along with realistic games are a lot of very conventional game universes.They move around the hoppers bright platforms and must avoid pixel monsters, deadly spikes, bottomless abysses.Bounce tales games online poses gamer an unspecified problem.For example, the bun is in a virtual room, and to get to the exit.The difficulty is that the portal exit is hidden behind a locked door, the key to it is behind an impenetrable laser shield, and to turn it off, you press the button for a special, protected by several terrifying monsters.There is a very interesting game in which you want to control not by the hoppers, and the room in which it is located.Typically, this square room, and when you turn left or right, skipjack it rolls from one wall to the other.The task of these games - to bring round the hero in the open door.Bounce can play the role of cannon balls.They need to shoot some intricate design of the enemy, knocking down all enemies and destroy their defenses.To make this game became more interesting, the developers sometimes do roundels with some exciting features.For example, a loaf turns into an angel, and he shoots the demons that are the opposite of the geometric - squares or rectangles.And you can lead to the victory of skipjack virtual reality?

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Online Games Bounce tales - play for free

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