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Many know games like rugby, golf, bowling, cricket.But few know how to play them, and even less in them played in person.It just so happened that these games do not have such popularity in the West.And that's why these games are even more attractive to us, because all the new draws.Today it comes to bowling.Everyone knows what it is, everyone knows that this is the same alley, but with slightly different rules, but very few have played it.It just so happened that bowling clubs we are only in the major cities, provinces residents have nowhere to play it, and the fun is not cheap.But thanks to this website, you can play bowling, for free, and right at home.It is attractive by the fact that bowling on our website may play, even the children, while at present it will be difficult to play.After bowling ball weighs 2.7 to 7.3 kg!Agree, not every child will be able even to lift the ball, let alone play it.A game of this popular, but still want to play a little-known to all, and children and adults, and the elderly.On the bowling was filmed several movies, and perhaps many of them have seen.Basically, the story revolves around a talented bowler, who are champions, but then slipped down the social ladder, or do not become champions because of the machinations of his enemies.At the end of the movie of course the main character is still a champion, winning some big tournament, and enemies, promising more to remind myself disappear.For the most part, these films - family comedy in which no vulgarity, blood, violence, lust and debauchery.Such a pleasure to watch a movie with your family and children.Similarly, the bowling game on our site, there is nothing wrong, why should not have to see the kids, do a little gambling.But the excitement is not bad if it is in moderation and it is accompanied by anger and envy.To start playing bowling on our website, there is nothing, only the Internet and the availability of home (or work) computer.Not necessarily even know the rules of the game, because the game itself is intuitive, and in time you will easily understand all the intricacies of game.All of us at one time did not know how to play cards, checkers, chess.But you learn, right?And now we have it seems so normal and understandable, that one can hardly imagine a time when we were afraid of the rules of this or that game.Bowling game is simple, understandable and interesting.It will help you spend your free time, when I want to not think about anything, just relax.Play and have fun with the game, and do not forget that the virtual sport, though interesting, but still not as useful as the real thing.

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