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Probably everyone knows the legend of the amazing sunken island, or as some believe the continent, Atlantis.All these stories are regarded as myths, and ancient legends, while scientists and researchers have been finding on the alleged sunken island weird and wonderful things ancient epochs.It is assumed that Atlantis sank somewhere in the X century BC.Stories and stories entailed a happy legends that Atlantis was hiding in its depths many treasures and secrets.Now, each of us can try yourself as a researcher and try to uncover the secret of the sunken island.In Diamond Atlantis can play online anyone.No need to download the game and take up valuable space in your computer's memory, though this fact is given to the player.Simply connect to the global network and play in your browser online.With control is easy to understand very quickly, this is a strength and a small child.Support of music in the game as if takes us into the atmosphere of something unknown and mysterious, because we need to uncover the secret of an amazing legend.Need to collect different colored stones, three in a row or more.The main task in each level - to destroy the squares with ingrown there stones.Atlantis spent so much time in the depths of the ocean, it is not surprising that some of the puzzles become zakamenelye ancient sites.If these sites at no, your task becomes to gather as stones in a row.The time for completion of one level is limited.You'd better invest in the time, otherwise will have to start the level again.With each passing level of difficulty of puzzles increases.This is more educational game, which trains logic and attentiveness.All figures on the board differ in color and shape and are well accepted by the player to the eye.The graphics quality and has no superfluous elements.If you still believe the legend, one of them says that in the depths of the sunken continent of Atlantis hidden Emerald.It has magical properties and can perform any desire that found him.The game will delight all fans of puzzle and ancient mysteries.On the playing field, there are many bonuses that will help you in the difficult task.This is a different bombs and guns, intended to blow up a number of pieces around them.Can you go all the way to the end of the researcher?Test your capabilities, you will find about 100 interesting levels.Try your luck and try to pass them all, you will be pleasantly rewarded.Uncover the secret of Atlantis and see what so many centuries, hiding lost island.Try to get the greatest treasure in the difficult struggle with old machinery.Be the first to set foot on the old myths and legends.

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Online games Diamond Atlantis - Play free

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