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Games Diego and Dasha you never bored.Unless there are children in the world who do not know-traveler Dasha and her brave cousin Diego?We can say with certainty, there is no such!This animated series looked all.A game about these characters is the logical continuation of beloved cartoon.The goal in these online games as entertainment and informative.Unable Dasha ranger and her cheerful brother be in one place, it's tempting to explore everything around them.Every day they are trying to learn something new, with them learn new kids who love to play these games.The role of educational games can not be overstated, it is really great.At this time, mom and dad are trying to listen to the advice of child psychologists, so they try to teach the children, avoiding the time being no date set for study "Nobody asks you like it or you do not.Learn - then knowledge will be useful. "Instead, there is an easier and effective way - training directly in the game.If you are an adherent of modern views, feel free to Plant baby monitor.Online game Dasha Diego, rather a series of games, easily teach your child to read, write, count, and both in Russian and in English right in the game.At the same time, little girl learned the basic rules of etiquette.Dasha caring and courageous Diego came in a child's life on TV.Cartoon characters fell in love with these kids as well as adults.First for fun and exciting game, second in the knowledge that can boast after watching each episode of their favorite offspring.A large number of boys and girls all over the world love the two main characters Ranger-Dasha (her name in a foreign version of Dora), who loves his brother Diego (his name for the Russian children did not somehow translate).Characters are constantly helping each other, but each has its own challenges.Dasha with her gay friends traveling.Her constant companions - the irreplaceable Backpack and many knowledgeable talking map.Diego also have a backpack, it is with the help of the boy can save the rare animals, backpack Diego called Rescue.Kids-traveler Dasha gives English lessons.But her brother tells about the various exotic animals.No wonder, then, that, playing with Diego, even young children are so much to learn about the animal world.A huge number of preschoolers and primary school children are constantly offering exciting travel with Dasha.And his older brother anyone wants to rescue animals in distress.

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