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How many legends, myths, fairy tales written and thought out the dinosaurs.These ancient, prehistoric animals have always been, and probably always will be a subject for debate among scientists around the world, and ordinary people.How did they get there?Why become extinct?And if the first question, the opinions of many agree, by the second controversy did not subside.There are plenty of theories of the extinction of dinosaurs from the earth.And every one of them seems probable and improbable at the same time.In Hollywood too long understood that it is a real gold mine.And movies about these huge animals began to appear on the screen as soon as it was technically possible.Even now, from time to time, we see announcements of new movies where the main characters will be meeting with these predators.Do not lag behind their peers in some way and the producers of computer games.They also quickly learned that people are very much interested in all the unknown and shrouded in mystery.Game about dinosaurs coming to the market at least movies and popular too they do not concede.Here's our website decided to keep up with, and listened to the wishes of the players.Now here you can find games online about dinosaurs.These games will be interesting for both children and adults.For many adults know about dinosaurs as little as children.Games will help you learn a little more about these animals a little better to know their history and features of life.Children will be delighted with these games, because they are dinosaurs not as fierce and vicious predators as they were in the majority in fact, a cute little animals that bring as much joy and pleasant emotions, such as kittens.And let these animals are already extinct, and to see them live do not get, the more fun to play.Let all argue about why they died, which caused such a sharp and as the mass extinction of so many large animals, playing in these games, you think, maybe they are still alive?Maybe what we see in the movies, not much of a fiction?And somewhere in the jungle, on some desolate plateau there is only a small handful of these great beasts?Thanks to these games, you truly want to believe it.Perhaps this is the game will make you think about how little you know about dinosaurs.And after the game, you'll run to the library or Google, in order to expand their knowledge in this field.And if the game helps to ensure that people are starting to read something, draw a signature - so the game is a good message, and it is worth paying attention.Try to play it may be that you will be the person who finally reveal the mystery of dinosaurs.

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