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People who choose to become a doctor, always held in high esteem.After all, the doctors we trust the most valuable thing we have, namely health.That doctor knows all about our sores, and from him we are always looking for advice and help in difficult times.And it is a doctor, the doctor wants to almost every child.Many want to take an oath of Hippocrates, a long training in medical school, to save lives and protect the health of patients.Not all embody this vision a reality, someone's priorities change with age, some for health reasons chooses a different path.But the dream does not die, it is deep within each of us, and everyone wants to realize it.This gives us an opportunity to the game industry, which produces computer games on medical topics.Indeed, despite the fact that the doctors wanted to become many, not all would be able to actually become them.Not so easy to see the daily pain and suffering of patients, blood, and tears.Some people just could not work like that, someone mentally, physically someone, for example, fear of blood.But then the game and entertainment industry to give pleasure and joy.Playing games doctor, you can feel like a real doctor, and feel that only you can help the patient.But with all this on your shoulders will not lie the burden of responsibility for one's life, no fear not meet the expectations, and bring the victim.You'll just enjoy the game, and still be able to experience what it means to be a doctor.Despite the fact that in the game you will be able to restart, start the operation again, you can still penetrate the situation of each patient will experience tremors in the hands, and the responsibility on his shoulders.You will feel a great surgeon, playing games do surgery to become a physician, a pediatrician.Everyone will find something to their liking.Do not think that if you do not wear a white coat of life, and have no medical training, the dream can be forgotten.Things are not quite so.After all, who is the doctor?This is the person that helps people.People can, and need help, regardless of education you have received, and the office.After all, the doctor treats not only the physical body, but also mental problems it helps to solve.And just listening to people, to comfort and reassure him, you can not help him worse than he would have helped in an expensive clinic.Play on our site, have fun, and remember, you should never bury the dream possible for you, as a doctor, someone to ask for help.And while practicing on our website, maybe that's because of us, you will learn a little more about medicine, and the rules of first aid.You never know what kind of knowledge may be required.

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