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For all fans of country life, for those who like to sit and gather your own harvest, we present our website to play fermarama.Games of this genre is not something that does not lose popularity, they just gain it, and the peak of their glory yet to come.For millions of people around the world play these games, and now you can become one of them.And has absolutely no value if you play other games of the farm, you have heard all about these games themselves are a farmer, or you live in urban arrays.Games about farm suitable for everyone, poor and rich, old and young.All people living in cities, sooner or later begin to dream about living in a village where the clean air, the rivers, the mountains, where there are no motorways and airports, where only you and nature.Eat foods of own production, without there GMOs and other chemicals, to work on his own farm, on it's own.Alas, not all of these dreams a reality melts.Someone just decided to give up and leave, someone understands that agriculture in our country at the highest level, and survival is difficult.And then it falls by the way, the game farmerama.Starting farmerama game online, you will be able to learn and see what she is, a life of the farmer.Fermerama play online, will give you the opportunity to feel like a real farmer.You can grow a variety of fruits and vegetables, cereals, such as oats, wheat, apples, melons, watermelons, strawberries, cucumbers.And not all of the above will be available immediately.At the first level, you will be available only to the most simple, and as you learn and grow, you will open more new plants and animals.The crop you can sell at the town market, or change the other players on the resources you need.Some plants are easy to grow, and they quickly bear fruit.However, the cost and the value is not as great as those that are long maturing, and require special care.Fermarama play enables you to improve and expand their holdings, opening up new areas, creating new buildings.You can not just buy yourself, such as chickens, because you just want to build a chicken coop.And so it is with the other animals, you can not buy them until you create the conditions for them, not build a pen, cage, etc.etc.So if you are tired of city life, and you want a quiet, measured farm life - this game is for you.And remember, this life is not for the lazy, and if you are willing to work hard to develop, then you certainly will have good luck.Enjoy the game!

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Online Games Farmerama - Play free

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