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Gold rush continues ... We all know that the XIX century was characterized by a series of natural gold rushes, which for fifty years occurred in different parts of the world.A characteristic feature of this phenomenon was that a group of people, mostly men, in search of gold, throwing their families and dangerous journey, and there is a deposit, predatory ways of finding the precious precious metal.All these volunteers managed the insatiable desire to get rich and have power.Not all luck in these endeavors, and many simply do not survive or were killed at the hands of enemy groups prospectors.And in place of gold deposits grew desolate ghost town.It is written in legend, filmed many movies and told a lot of stories.They say the gold rush flare in our time in different parts of the globe.At the very least, the gaming industry is full of those outbreaks gold rushes.Online games allow digger to try yourself as the daredevil, who rushed in search of gold into danger.In this case, such a journey is perfectly safe for the real world and for free.On our website are mostly found online games gold digger.They can become the owner of millions of virtual money by finding hidden treasures.Thirst to find a treasure, probably lives in each of us as a child, when we played in the brave treasure hunters ranged the streets with friends.The Games gold digger can recall childhood and find the precious treasure in the form of gold.Virtual game can not simply look for treasures, and do it very unusual way, not real in real life for the common man.You can become a miner and dig in the earth in search of treasure, and can go down to the underwater kingdom in search of sunken ships that are sure to pose a real hidden treasure.Some games will need to look for gold in the time for bonuses.Game options are many and each is unique and has its own characteristics.A description of each of the games give direct orders to act and help you learn about the role of prospector very easily and quickly.These games will be of interest to adults and kiddies.Their varied and colorful graphics and exciting story will keep your attention throughout the game.Try yourself in the role and become a prospector, albeit a virtual one, but a millionaire!Let your dreams come true!

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