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Everyone dreams of being in the soul of a hero, and the ability to play five characters will help you with this. Game heroes leave you hungry for great deeds!

Guess riddle! Name the game, worldwide sales in 2007 amounted to two million copies, and earned at that time about ten million dollars? If you're a gamer, then this is for you is not difficult task. And you're right, this game Heroes of Might and Magic 5. It is the fifth part of a comprehensive strategy games with elements of role-«Heroes of Might and Magic». This Russian-French series of games has won the hearts and minds of gamers immediately after. The fifth part of the game was the most popular of all, because it is embodied in 3D graphics and includes a lot of new, not used before game modes and options. Play Heroes 5 - is, in fact, live in a virtual, but, paradoxically sounds very real world where you are subject to an extraordinary city, army troops and heroes. Unrealistic battles and fights will please fans of such games to play. Various guilds, types of duels, quests, great trading system and many other things, it's all available in-game characters 5. The player is invited to choose from a variety of races to level your character: gnomes, knights, light and dark elves, barbarians, necromancers, sorcerers and demons. In this game you have to think through all their actions in advance, choose the tactics and strategies of behavior in the game and make decisions quickly and effectively. Defeat all the enemies and reach your goal - is your main goal in the game by doing that, you feel like a real hero. On our site to the attention of fans of strategic exciting games we offer a very high quality version of the game characters 5. In it you will build a state, city or castle with its laws will protect him from his enemies and conquer more and more possessions. This kind of entertainment - it is a very good charger for the brain, since, playing to keep yourself in good shape, quick to navigate, make important decisions, to think logically and to build strategic plans. Such skills are certainly important in the real world, in particular in the work and mental work. Another nice aspect of the game is five characters to play with real people on the network to get online, and not just the computer. This fact is even more interest in the game and fighting spirit awakens. Heroes of Might and Magic 5 - a unique online browser game, posing a lot of surprises and inviting mysteries. Exciting adventures that await you in this game, will take in the fantastic and very bright world of battles and unique experiences.

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