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There is no more beautiful animal than a horse.Her grace, nobility and strength charms and makes people adore this majestic creature.When you look like a trot or gallop galloping horse or even better, with her moving in unison, her movements, sitting high, it seems that on earth there is nothing more exciting and beautiful.If you completely agree and share the love of horses, then you will be interested to learn about them.The horse is the heroine of many children's cartoons and has recently become even some children's brand.For example, all the children adored Pony, who are both heroes of cartoons, games and characters, and proudly adorn the children's clothes, books and other things for children.In particular, girls get excited about these horses.Do not put aside such a popular brand and the creators of games on the Internet, which at full capacity, it is used in different ways.Games for girls about horses just give children the opportunity to enjoy plenty of virtual communication with her beloved animals.You can participate in the races, look after or have a horse equine chorus.Not only are the heroes of the famous Pony Games, starring as may be the most common and beautiful horse with normal mane, and as close as possible to this form it into reality.Child already will choose with whom he wants to play more.Horse games for girls are able to turn a young princess in a bold rider.To participate in the race to dress a horse, comb, make love to her, and you are sure to win a toga contest.Many storylines make games about horses online adorable and popular among children.The child can choose the just the story, participation in which will bring her a lot of positive emotions and good mood.So, games for girls about horses to help make it possible to win a Barbie doll for her prince with a beautiful, fast, and well-groomed horses, which must win the race, or take part in the same competition at the seahorses.True funny?But the game equine care to get the child to awaken a sense of love and concern for his friend.It will be necessary to treat the horse with the slightest indisposition, feed, drink it, lay a clean straw, and just stroked.Of course, all this is happening virtually, but is very useful for the development of a child of noble feelings and compassion.Child fully understands the meaning of what we are responsible for those who tamed.

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