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Flash game How to Train Your Dragon will open your gate to the magical world of Vikings and dragons! Now you can play the best flash games How to Train Your Dragon on our site!

Flash game How to Train Your Dragon - is a fascinating journey into the magical world where dragons live in a wide variety of species. In 2010 he was shot animated film "How to Train Your Dragon," based on the novels by Cressida Cowell. This film was a huge success in worldwide box office and has collected almost half a billion dollars. All critics have responded positively to this film, particularly admired by experts brought excellent performance graphic effects and animated world in which all events are held. As well as subtle and emotional relationships between the characters have received high praise. Film loved both adults and children. The animated film "How to Train Your Dragon" tells the story of a Viking named Icking. Icking - the son of the Stoics, the tribal chief. The tribe lives on the island of boobies and have only one problem - it's dragons. Dragons burn their houses and warehouses, pick up and take away their cattle. Therefore, all the men of the tribe - warriors who always fought with dragons in an unequal battle. And all the young people trained to become a strong and agile enough to be able to defeat the dragon. And all the stories and legends on the boobies, talk only about the soldiers who managed to kill the unfortunate creatures. But Icking never stood nor height, nor force. And he clearly does not look like the legendary warrior, who will be able to kill all the horrible monsters. And so my father forbade him to participate in battles with dragons. But one day, man, disobeying his father, uses his own and made a catapult throws the most mysterious and legendary dragon, which nobody, have never been able to see - Night Fury. Icking connects and wants to kill the dragon, but something did not allow him to do that, somewhere deep down, man feels that this needs to be done. Icking cuts the ropes and releases the Fury. This choice changes everything. Later, the guy finds a dragon in a forest clearing and finds himself Fury damaged tail and is not able to fly. Icking decides to help the dragon and they become closer to each other. And then begins a flurry of events and actions that radically changes the lives of all fools. This story inspired the creators of flash games on the development of a great series of games about the adventures of Vikings and dragons. The best flash games How to Train Your Dragon will open the gates to you in a world of adventure and good mood. From this series on our website http: // game24. ru / available a large number of games of different genres. You will be able to fly on dragons, Viking save, collect puzzles, search for differences between pictures and many more. In one of the games you will need to manage the Night Fury and save the inhabitants from invasion boobies other dragons. You will be able to fly in all directions and killing dragons, directing them fast and accurate flame clots. Shoot first and foremost in those dragons who are trying to carry people. For exact hit you will earn points, earn more points and move on to the next round where the dragons will be more and deal with them will be even harder. The graphics in this game are very colorful and lively, and the detail of the game very well, so you will not be bored. In the other game How to Train Your Dragon for free you will control one of the characters of the cartoon riding on any dragon, for example, Icking on Night Furies. You have to fly around and destroy the obstacles in its path, passing through the rings and hold a certain amount of time after which you can go to the next level. Plus, on Wednesdays game, you will be able to periodically change his dragon on the other, which will give even more interesting gameplay. Play How to Train Your Dragon online you can on our website http: // game24. ru / free of charge and at any time convenient for you, as the loading of any game is just a few seconds. So come to us and play the best games How to Train Your Dragon!

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Online games How to Train Your Dragon - play for free

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