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Fortress your nerves will be tested in the games monsters. Game monsters make the heart beat faster and feel the adrenaline.

Computer games make these real monsters that previously existed only in terrible nightmares.Now they roam the virtual city, prey on people, spread evil throughout the game reality.Fortunately, that for every monster there and courageous hero who pacify any monster, to restore peace and order.From battling monsters and ordinary people, dressed in armor, armed with powerful swords, guns, cannons, and magical creatures such as elves, good spirits.As a rule, the battle with evil spirits is in the flash games gradually.For example, monsters zombies crawl out of a dense forest, and crawl to the village, to infect its inhabitants.But the noble archer wall stands in their way, cutting off their arrows they loathsome head, destroying their half-decayed body.Zombies waves are coming and when victory is achieved in the first stage, opens the possibility to improve their fighting qualities, buy protective gear.In order to win the whole battle, you need to win a similar victory in the other rounds, which will be much more difficult and stressful.Monsters in toys are very unusual - it can be shapeless sliznyakovye monster with laser guns or flying dragon with sharp claws and a poisonous breath, giant alien bugs or underground worms that eat human flesh.Kill these monsters - a pleasure for the gamer.And nice that even in one game monsters can be different.For example, the hero elf deep into the gloomy forest, and at first he meets only small monsters.They are easy to handle, they add experience, bonus points, new weapons.But with the deepening of the thicket, the opponents will become more dangerous, and so long as the battlefield will not leave the main monster, whose victory will only really experienced hero.Not all gamers love performing noble tasks, and do not mind to try himself as a monster.This is easily done in the browser games.For example, you can take under its control the killer shark that jumps out at the beach and breaks his teeth ostryuschimi unsuspecting visitors.About as well received and disgusting worms that emerge from the ground and absorb its bottomless maw of chickens, cows, people.You can control an army of zombies and other monsters of the underworld, to send their forces against the forces of the people, destroy entire cities and countries.Game with monsters are also for young children - the heroes here are the cartoon characters "Monsters, Inc." and they are encouraged to collect puzzles, seek differences in the pictures.A variety of games available monsters in this location.

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