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Papa Louie - is a charismatic Mexican chef who owns a cafe and restaurants. In a series of the best flash games you have to help dad Louis to manage one of its restaurants, for this you will need to: prepare various dishes (mostly Mexican and fast food), to serve clients by taking and giving orders. And in some games you need to have time to do it all at once. Also available Papa Louie online game where you need to go from level to level, and to perform certain tasks. For example, the first two flash game Papa Louie online arcades were. In the first game of pizza cooked chef turned into bloodthirsty monsters and stole all customers. In order to make customers you need to kill all the monsters pizza, hamburgers revived, pumpkins and other live food, and access to customers. In order to deal with the food you can use punches and bomb button button Z and X, respectively. Use the C or space to jump and arrows to move (and if you hold down the arrow forward, you will be able to run). During the game Papa Louie for free you will find extra lives, bombs and coins. Coins can also be subsequently be exchanged for the bomb. Once you get to the customer, you will need to gather all the pizza (pizza monster turned into an ordinary pizza after death), and they will help customers save. In the second part of the game Papa Louie online for free you will be able to play for friends and part-time employees of the famous chef - Marty or Rita. The fact that the villains Serge and Radley Medish kidnapped Papa Louis and all customers! You have to go into a fairyland Munchmor and save them. Super Game Papa Louie has an excellent bright and pleasant graphics, the characters are made fun and interesting, and the gameplay is addictive and all. Again, you will need to fight with the revived meal, with the greatest danger are monsters hamburgers. You can jump, run, glide from the hills. Also on our website http: // game24. ru / available versions of the game Papa Louie, where you need to work in a cafe or restaurant. Here you can choose one of the characters of the game: Rita Marty or of Papa Louis. In one of the games you will need to take orders, prepare meals (eg burgers), doing everything exactly as stated on the ticket by the order, and give food to customers. Depending on how you do the job well, you will be given a certain amount of money. Earn money and improve your restaurant! In another game Papa Louie without registering you will be working in a restaurant that serves the best pancakes. So try not to let Papa Louis and cook, really, the best pancakes. Depending on how well the work is done, you will be given a certain amount of tips. With the money you can make your restaurant even better, buying new equipment and improvements. Together with the Pope, Louis, you can have a great time, relax and escape from everyday worries. Play Papa Louie online will be able to both children and adults. These games are designed for a wide audience and a pleasant design and thoughtful story is proof of that. The best games Papa Louie you can play at our website http: // game24. ru /. And also remind you that all the games on our site you can play online for free and without registration. Therefore, enter the time you want to be loaded in a few seconds and enjoy your favorite games!

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Online Games Papa Louie - play for free

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