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Everyone has a favorite among Pokemon. Select and currently playing in the game Pokemon. Pokemon game certainly conquer your imagination and become your favorite pastime.

Who are the Pokemon?Ask any man whose childhood was until the mid-nineties, and he will tell you.It is unlikely that he will be able to remember anyone but Pikachu - the most famous Pokemon character, and in fact, in their universe there are about 500 varieties.An era of popular computer games of fun pocket monsters invaded the consciousness of the box small gamers, since 1997, when they were released the first two games for Nintendo.Since then, Pokemon are inferior in popularity only to all the famous games of supermarkets.Generally, Pokemon - is a little different sizes and shapes that inhabit nature, along with people.They almost did not know how to talk, and to further its development require care from their owners, so-called trainers.Pokemon Games - a huge number of options, starting with the creation of its unique Pokemon trainer and ending battles of these lovely creatures.Subject Pokemon, win a huge audience of gamers end of the nineties and the beginning of the two thousandth was developed in a series of animated comics anime, manga, as well as feature-length cartoon movies.Pokémon games have many positive features.They encourage children to read, as in most games in the series Pokemon to read and develop numeracy and strategic thinking.There are also a number of different games on Pokemon that develop memory and attentiveness.In these games, also focuses on the importance of sportsmanship and respect for the opponent.All wise Japanese psychology is seen in a Pokémon video game series.A large collection of these fun games monsters represented on our site.You can try any of them, and make a free to enjoy the game.The target audience of these games are mainly children of all ages, but in some games it will be interesting to try their hand, and adults.Puzzles, strategy, and action - this is not a complete list of genres Pokemon.Want to get a new unforgettable impressions?Then go into the race on motorcycles with Pokemon in the game "Adventures on motorcycles", or play paintball with small pocket monsters in the same game, where you check yourself on accuracy and speed of reaction.Prepare for the fact that this jolly company moved quickly on the playing field, and to defeat them, you must try very well.Children in such battles may need help from their parents.Do not deny to the child in such an interesting joint pastime and enjoy communication with them.

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