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Need for speed, thirst flight, the desire to move forward in a person's blood.From time immemorial, people have sought for it, and we'll live in a time when humanity is still possible.It has long been overcome barrier speed of sound, light, subdued space.God knows, how mankind has come in its development.After all seemed impossible much of what is now already become quite commonplace and familiar.Once without planes, fast cars, fine motorcycles.Even the bike was not, then really there to talk about.Of course, all these creature comforts bring not only good but also bad things.Environmental pollution, a lot of accidents, deaths on the roads, in the sky, in space.But nothing is absolutely good, as there is something wrong.Almost all speed records belong to men, and this is not surprising, because they most admired from fast vehicles.But be that as it may, women also want to speed, even if not all.It is for that audience and created racing games for girls.Games of this plan are fundamentally different from racing games for boys, and understandably so.After all, men find important in a car engine is powerful, smart drives, stylish suspension, good brakes.Girls have slightly different priorities, it is much more important if, instead of a powerful engine under the hood, the car will be a beautiful pendant, or will be able to paint it in the "glamorous" color, applying a beautiful picture.Well, if the game will be the driver of your car is not an abstract character, a favorite character or a mountain, then the game will become even better and more interesting.Yet, despite the differences between racing simulator for boys and similar games for girls, they are the same.Both genres have one thing, the most important quality - the need for speed and the desire to get the adrenaline pumping.Well, if you carefully analyze their differences, we can see that there are almost none.Boys love beautiful drive on wheels?But girls prefer nice color car, or a picture on it.What's the difference?Yes to hide the boys also would not mind to put on the side of the car fire, or some other figure.But what does it matter, the fire there, or a butterfly?So the games for girls may well come up and a lot of boys, but not all recognized that in awe of them.So they are, boys.Games for girls keep you racing for a long time at the computer screen, and just will not let you get bored.If you have time, try to play the adrenaline in the blood, and the gleam in his eyes surely will, and therefore, there will be a fun game, followed by a cheerful smile.

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