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If you like the thrill and adventure sports, then play the race on skateboards created for you.Here you will feel like a real craftsman and extreme.Even the fact that the game takes place in a virtual world does not affect the sense of reality.3D graphics can feel the presence and monitor the game from different angles.Generally skateboarding - it skateboarding, in which the network complex tricks and overcome all kinds of obstacles.Extremeness of this activity depends on the level of complexity and the level of tricks surmountable obstacle.In online games, racing on skateboards are very interesting and challenging tracks, and lots of formidable obstacles that real skateboarders and professionals will be very interesting to conquer.Also, if you get bored just ride alone, and you have already achieved a certain level of skill, you can take part in competitions on skateboards and show everything that you are capable of.A champion is not easy, but it is interesting and exciting.But not even the speed will be crucial in getting the victory, but the quality and complexity of the tricks in overcoming obstacles.This is a fundamental criterion in this extreme sport.But not all at once become aces!For beginners and for those who have not everything from the start, there are more simple and gaming options, which are much easier to track and tricks.And for those who want a fun and easy to spend your free time, there are games on skateboards race in which the rider will be happy fairy-tale characters such as Santa Claus, or different little animals - chanterelles, dogs or cats.On our website you can choose an exciting extreme adventure without the risk of injury in the fall, because the virtual world is much safer, and the fulfillment of these stunts in real life will undeniably bruises and abrasions.Your talents to manage the selected character will improve every minute, and you'll get the most out of making new and new levels of complexity.That's it, easily and naturally you can learn beautiful and bright extreme sport, charged with positive energy from reaching the new results.Also on our site there are many equally interesting extreme fun, but racing on skateboards certainly will be for you a real find!Play with pleasure and visit us for a resource as much as possible!

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