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If you do not know what game Zamora, then you just need to try in Zamora 3 play. You will be pleasantly surprised by the game.

Fantastic story, this unreal, something unimaginable, a serious tale, the oldest country in the little gnome, quiet adventure, the beauty of the puzzle - this is a list of everything that comes to mind when we imagine ourselves playing Zamora. Not everyone has a clear understanding of what is in question, but everyone who is touched by this fantasy world, will never forget it and will want to go back there again and again. Zamora - a computer online game in the style of quests, quests and puzzles. For true connoisseurs of these kinds of games, and for those who are just looking for a fun leisure activity, Zamora will be a real boon. This game was created by Czech designer Jakub Dvorsky, who originally started working on it as part of his thesis. Then this game is so attracted attention and became popular, that after the first part was developed by the second and third. Despite the fact that these games are short, their surreal graphics and incredible story makes stand out from other similar games of this genre. The essence of the first part of the game is that the main character - funny leprechaun living in their own fairytale world, is trying to prevent a collision with an asteroid of the monastery, in which he will certainly need your help. The second part of the gnome for adventures even more interesting - he needs to save his pet dog stolen detractors from another planet, and safely return home. And Zamora 3 play - it means to participate in the continuation of unforgettable adventures gnome and solve interesting logic puzzles. Original humor and funny animation will give positive emotions and a lot of fun. This game is not just a graphically beautiful, she is so fabulous for real and recognizable in everyday little things that sinks into the soul of everyone from the first seconds of the game. He who tries to play once in Zamora, will want to play the game to the end, when the last puzzle is solved, it will certainly visit the desire to touch to this wonderful lesson again and again. These games are very good and bright as the story itself, so if you want to feel like Alice in Wonderland and touch the mysterious, fantastic, but quite serious fairytale world, you are welcome. All games Zamora you find on our site and you can enjoy them for free. Good mood and positive vibes to you!

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Online games Zamora - play for free

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