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Santa Claus - the most popular characters of all time.Regardless of whether one believes in it or not, love it all, both adults and children.It so happened that Father Christmas and New Year - the synonyms that give a fairy tale, magic, good humor and an irreplaceable sense of celebration.All of us, looking forward to next year, we leave in the past hardships and troubles, and take with us into the future only positive and faith in the best.Is not it a real joy and the miracle in which we want to believe?While waiting for Santa Claus still more children, adults can also get Christmas fun a lot of positive emotions.The whole year we expect these days, when the beautiful dresses and lush tree, preparing holiday meals, going to the same table all very close and native people, and the gifts under the Christmas tree formed in beautiful wrappers.As it is interesting to learn that there Santa Claus brought in this year, and how much fun the kids have to get a treasured toy or desired odezhku a gift.It is a pity that all this happens once a year, and the rest of the time to wait and remember the bright fun.But not to get bored without Santa Claus, you can enjoy the virtual communication with them throughout the year thanks to games online.The creators of these games have taken care to make your pastime in the act can be held both interesting and fun.On our site are gathered all the best games santa claus.Unforgettable adventures and colorful funny stories accompany you in games of this kind and generous grandfather.As expected, Santa Claus must razvezti all gifts, but not so easy, he always someone or something in this way.Please help me with these troubles.Or more event - Santa Claus lost his sleigh!What should he do?It turns out that he is very deftly handles and other modes of transport.And you have to help him to ride mopeds, snowboard or even a rocket!True, it's funny?And how do you this story - Santa Claus bag broke, and all the gifts scattered in different directions.But what about the kids?They are looking forward to Santa Claus with gifts.Help him to collect all the gifts to one.Because Santa Claus New Year's Eve is usually not quite sober, he appeared in various talent unpredictable and funny situations.Only you can help him find a way out of different adventures.Almost all known genres of games have in their arsenal game with Santa Claus.This is a puzzle, and races, and puzzles, and coloring, and everything you want.All these games are at your service at our site, you can choose a game for every taste and enjoy, though virtual, but communication with the beloved Santa Claus.

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