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Three heroes - the famous and glorious heroes that are known to all of us since childhood. All of you probably heard stories and stories about the exploits of the bold and brave warriors and heroes of his time: Ilya Muromets, Dobrynya Nikitich and Alyosha Popovich. And the most remarkable thing about them is that they are historical figures and they really have left their imprint on the history. Let's start with the fact that they lived in Kievan Rus. Ilya Muromets was a good soldier and took part in a lot of battles. But other than that, he served in the church, and made an invaluable contribution in the development and strengthening of religion in the Kievan Rus. Also interesting is the fact that Ilya Muromets was the hero of the epic is not only Russian, but also German. It says that he traveled the world and performed his deeds, not only in the homeland. Nikitich was a good soldier and a politician in his time was the uncle and teacher of Vladimir the Great. And after Vladimir became the prince regent Dobrynia was promoted and helped his nephew to make important decisions. Even as a young athlete loved to train with a wooden sword on the banks of the Dnieper. And over time, he fought at the head of the whole army and obtained a considerable number of heroic victories. He also took part in the baptism of Rus. Alyosha Popovich is the least known to the modern history of a hero, but at the same time the most legendary. It is no different tremendous growth and strength, but in addition to that, he was incredibly agile and nimble, and different sharp mind, and that he helped to defeat almost any opponent. Such our glorious heroes were in life, and that they are allowed to get a place in the subjects of many cartoons and games. On our site you can find the best mini game about Russian heroes, where you feel like a hero and help our beloved characters defeat the enemies. You can choose your favorite character and enjoy the medieval world full of events and wars. We are available games based on popular contemporary cartoons about legendary heroes. You can play for Alyosha Popovich and help him overcome Tugarin snake fight with Dobrynya Nikitich and the Serpent Dragon, to fight side by side with Ilya Muromets and crush the terrible Brigand. Cool flash game about heroes on our site are different bright and pleasant picture, and a fascinating storyline.

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Online Game Three heroes - play for free

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