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Almost everyone is familiar with the classic Tetris, in which the top of the screen down and the various figures of them to collect whole series.When this is accomplished, some disappear and make room for new pieces.At about the same gameplay implemented Game 3 in a row.In the bottom of the screen image sink, colorful blocks and figures, and a player's task is to bring together three of the same image.Very often the figures do not fall down, and completely fill the playing field.In this case, you must swap adjacent images or figures, trying to keep after this action again, there were three or more identical.Change in these games can only be adjacent parts and if their replacement does not lead to the disappearance of a number, the course will not be counted.Game 3 in the number of online offers to collect fruits, flowers, images from different cartoons, colorful smiles, Christmas paraphernalia and many other pictures.For example, it may be persons cartoon characters of Sponge Bob - Patrick, Sandy, Mr. Krabs, SpongeBob himself.Or various goodies - grapes, oranges, strawberries.Similar games are aimed at different age audience.The smallest can collect simple colored balls, but older gamers will be more interesting to deal with complex images, or the mysterious rune magic icons.In each such game after taking a number of identical pieces on their place on top of the other game pieces fall.And often then automatically going to complete the new series.When it retracts, and lower new chips, a number can be formed again.If this happens, the player's bonus account falls considerable number of points, because with each new collected near its price increases many times.Initially, for the development of these games, you can use prompts - they point to the most simple way to collect a number of three elements.But later, with the growth of the gaming experience is to give these tips, because they deprive the player imagination.Often games online 3 in a row are for two players.They can play consistently with a friend or against the computer to make the program.In this case, the players make their move at a time and you have to be very careful, try to make every action has led to the disappearance of the maximum number of figures and bring as many bonuses.Such a fight can be a tool in the battle mages or warriors - joined magical staves, swords, sledgehammers, and depending on a set, the head of the enemy falls or that fighting techniques.Game 3 series can be found in this section of the site.

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