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Flash games castle defense will give you many hours of exciting game.You can play at any time you like, anywhere.Who has not dreamed as a child of such luxury items as your own lock.We could make it their orders, took the noble guests were all economy.And, of course, would have fought back from the hordes of enemies that encroached on our property.The developers have made our dreams come true by releasing a series - game Tower Defence.Games in the series came from the strategy genre, but will be of interest not only to their fans.Excellent, and occasionally funny, graphics make the gameplay even more fun.All games are accompanied by excellent atmospheric music.You will be given a strong beautiful castle, the walls of which will be hidden in something that you need to protect.For some time, you'll need to keep the castle from invaders.The entire perimeter of this area you can build a different defensive towers and buildings, and set traps.With each new wave of attacking the difficulty level increases.After passing a few waves, you will have time to rest a little bit and put a few more towers and traps.The main task - the side that attacks without taking the lock.Using various tricks and gimmicks to any valuable repulse attack.Roads along which the advancing enemy, known in advance, and therefore the time to get ready for the battle you will have plenty.Such paths, of course, will not two or three, and much more.Although, if you take the most elementary, the so-called educational levels, opponents can use only one track for the attack.Furthermore, opponents are not the same type, they are different in strength attack and the number of lives, just like in real life, who is stronger and who is on the sidelines.By taking a few levels you will have the opportunity to improve your towers and set new traps.As you can see, is not so simple, and you have to do the whole strategy to protect their castle.If you just do it at random, not the fact that you get to pass the level.Protect the castle flash game you will discover the magical world of fighting for the right to have an excellent lock.In addition, this category is not necessarily what you'll defend, will lock.So choose, which is more suited to your liking.Sometimes it will be a star ship or just a house, somewhere in a forgotten corner of the world.In the modern version of these games, you have to protect the base, and in most cases, military.Do not let the enemy get to your ammunition.Castle defense games online will be of interest to children of any age and gender.Get a lot of fun from the game passed.Do not give away you what is rightfully yours.

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