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Dive into the world of vampire passion by playing twilight. Discover the secrets of the ancient vampire, playing games for girls twilight.

New books, as well as new movies come out quite often. Literally every day on the screens out the new creation of a director, and the next creation of a published author. But, despite this abundance, attention should be unity. Only a small fraction of what the directors and writers represent to the public, or to become a blockbuster bestseller. One of these works is the book of Stephenie Meyer's "Twilight," and released a film based on the book. If we remember that the plot of the story is built around the relationship of people and vampires, the success at first glance seems quite natural. But we all know about vampires written many books, and shot a lot of movies. So why this work could literally fly on the first positions in the ratings, and win the hearts of millions of fans around the world? One of the options, the most popular is love. Indeed, in most of the vampire, they presented to us as evil, bloodthirsty monsters that do not have feelings. Meyer also went completely the other way, and tried to portray vampires as creatures that are largely not something that is not inferior to us, the people, and even surpass us. This refers to such qualities as compassion, honesty, generosity, ability to help. And the fact that vampires can love, even radically changed the attitude of many people to this mythical personages. Then, as the protagonist vampire courted protagonist, a man as defended as to please her, which originated in the minds of many women jealous. Yes, it sounds ridiculous, but hundreds of thousands of girls were jealous of the main character, and wanted to meet the same guy, even if he is a vampire. Someone worried about another character, werewolf Jacob, who was also in love with the main character, but did not achieve its location. Such a number of noble, strong and beautiful male characters, just could not stay out of sight of the female audience. The main characters immediately got sex symbol status and global recognition. Could not pass by such an event and the attention of game developers, who immediately began to release the game on the movie plot. Twilight games for girls were not as popular as movies or books. And despite the fact that the main audience are the fairer sex, for boys as many Twilight fans of the game, though, and many hide it. But be that as it may, the vampire saga not soon disappear from our memory, and for a long time, people will re-examine and re-read the story. You also provide the opportunity to plunge into the thick of things, and personally, to see why this story has won so many fans.

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