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Who is the most famous and popular dolls for girls, of course, Winx, Barbie, Bratz.The different dolls sold a large number of dresses, accessories and toys.Barbie was first started releasing large collections on various topics.Then dolls have friends and girlfriends.And then, this example was followed by many other manufacturers.In 2001, there were four beautiful dolls Bratz: Yasmin, Cloe, Jade and Sasha.They also quickly got a different set of doll accessories.Among them clothes, swings, furniture, cars, houses, and many other necessary items.And of course they have friends, friends and pets.Then about Bratz feature film shot and a lot of cartoons.Winx appeared a few years later in the movie "Winx Club - Winx."Who had got a lot of sequels, and on the shelves in stores soon appeared Winx dolls presented five girls fairies Stella, Bloom, Tecna, Flora and Muse.They learn in a special school fairies Alfea, while struggling with various evil sorcerers.In the process, they have to go through many adventures, and then they themselves become teachers in their school.These three well-known brand in itself include a range of different products and commodities.There are dolls, cartoons and toys.Well, of course, there are computer games dedicated to the characters.On our site you can find the game free games Winx and Bratz.They are presented in a completely different genres.Very popular dress up games where you need to dress their characters to choose suitable clothes.Games, coloring pages, in which you can print out the result.Puzzle games, there should be a specific time to solve the problem.There are games on the care that requires comparing pictures of the main characters.There are many arcade-brodilok where heroin to achieve his goal while fighting off enemies and overcome difficulties.There are interesting game in which you want to care for pets.Winx Games, Barbie and Bratz are somewhat similar, but there are also differences.Devotees of data characters will only play into their games.Where there are the most favorite characters.There are games where there is a chance to play for the various characters.The good news is that all these games are free of cruelty and violence.

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Online games Winx and Bratz - Play free

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