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As you know, not everything in this world of "white and fluffy" and the war between good and evil is always going on in all its manifestations.There are people who want to see only the positive and ignore the negative aspects of life, but sometimes, unfortunately, they are reminded of themselves.And there are others who are not afraid of the negative and it is not alien to the world of cruelty and evil forces to release their negative energy.It is about their addiction to horror movies, crime and computer games with hard-hitting parties and events.If you belong to the latter, the game called Worms specially designed for you.At first glance, this game is completely harmless, and the heroes - the worms, like cartoon characters, but in fact the game will require attention and concentration.It's about a worm that kill each other, and a variety of the most terrible weapons.Their arsenal even make nuclear bombs.Any weapon which has only been invented in the history of mankind, there are these small worms.They will not stop at nothing in their desire to destroy.In the classic version of the players are given by the army worms and need to show all the skills of the strategist to exactly your army won the battle and completely destroyed the enemy.From 1995 to the present time, more and more new versions of this game and its popularity is increasing.There is even a community of players Worms with the site, which gathers its fans.In worms to play online, you just need to dial the combination of words in a search engine, and you have goals.At the moment, besides the classic, there are plenty of options for games in the worms.You can select a terrible worm and destroy with it everything that comes his way.And you can manage the entire army - lots of units consisting of worms of different colors, color of which depends on the command affiliation, state of health, as well as the name and the flag team.Game worms have their own advantages, namely that with it we can develop strategic thinking and learn to make critical decisions.In life, these skills did not hurt either.If you like fighting and real fight for life, the games will bring you a lot of fun and new experiences.They have no place monotony and boredom, it's a real adrenaline rush and the whole tangle of emotions.Thanks to them, you can easily overcome the stress and throw out all the accumulated negative, while remaining perfectly quiet in real life.Play Worms games available at our site for free and without registration.

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